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If your firmware update is stalled for more than 4 hours, please try the following procedure (do not attempt to do it before):

1. Charge the battery for at least 4 hours (you should see a solid green light).

2. You need to access the settings screen in the app. If you can open it, skip this step and go directly to step 3.

If you are stuck on the update screen, try deleting the app and installing it again from your app store. Please note that it's not enough to delete the app from your desktop, you have to completely remove it, along with any cached files.
→ Tips for Android users → Tips for iOS users

3. Remove the camera module from the account within the app.
Instructions are available here.

You might receive the following errors once you click the “Remove feeder” button:

"Cannot remove feeder / Your camera module is still updating its firmware" wait for the process to timeout. If the error persists after 4 hours, please reach out to support@mybirdbuddy.com.

"Yikes, something went wrong” or the feeder state is reporting a “PENDING FACTORY RESET” state; your feeder is stranded in the backend and our QA team will have to manually remove the account from your feeder before you can continue. Please reach out to support@mybirdbuddy.com.

4. The feeder-removing flow will then prompt you to remove the device from the list of Bluetooth devices within your phone's settings if it's listed there (as BUDDY).
→ Tips for Android users → Tips for iOS users

Finally, perform a factory reset by holding the button for 10-12 seconds. Watch the video here.

6. Now click on “Add a Bird Buddy” on the main settings section of the app and begin the pairing process once again from the beginning (you should see a blinking blue LED signal after the reset that indicates the module is ready to start the pairing flow again). Once you reach the firmware update again, make sure you initiate it very close to your internet access point to decrease the chances of another time-out.

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