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The Community

The Community section is a newly introduced feature in the Bird Buddy app, designed to foster engagement and interaction among our users. Here you can find curated content, support fellow birders, and connect with a global community of bird enthusiasts.

  • Location: You can find the new Community tab at the bottom of the navigation bar in the app, represented by an icon of two persons.
  • Purpose: This is your hub for engaging with the Bird Buddy community and discovering curated content.

Editor’s Choice

  • Description: In this section of the app you will find a selection of postcards from around the community curated by our content editor here at Bird Buddy. This feed showcases our editor’s favorite postcards from the community. You are encouraged to 'clap' (similar to a ‘like’) to show your appreciation for a postcard.

  • What's Next: This is the first version of this feature. We are developing exciting updates, such as themed collections and more.

WingBuddy Feature 

  • Location: In the top-right corner of the Community section, you can click on ‘WingBuddy’.
  • Purpose: The WingBuddy feature allows you to assist fellow birders in identifying birds. Help the community and share your knowledge!


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