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High-Resolution Video

Bird Buddy Pro subscribers can now enjoy enhanced video quality with the high-resolution video upgrade.

Once you're a Pro member, the setting will be automatically turned on, but you can always change that in Feeder Settings. When this feature is enabled, videos from all your feeders will automatically be upgraded to a higher resolution.


Keep in mind:

  1. Existing Videos: All existing videos remain in their original standard quality. Only new captures after the Pro subscription will be in high resolution.
  2. Connection Issues: If you encounter Wi-Fi issues and videos are uploading slowly, there's an option to downgrade the video quality for each feeder individually.
  3. Subscription Cancellation: Upon canceling your Bird Buddy Pro subscription, the video settings will automatically be shot in standard quality. Previous high-quality videos remain unaffected.
  4. Feeder Ownership: If you have a Bird Buddy Pro account, you might naturally expect all your videos to be in high resolution. However, when you receive postcards from feeders where you're only a guest, the video quality depends on the feeder owner's settings.


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