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Wi-Fi and Live-Stream connection solution for Homepass (or similar apps)

We've noticed that many of our users are having some trouble with Wi-Fi connection or opening the Test Stream function (and receiving Postcards). 

Issues you might be experiencing:

  • You might be able to pair the module via Wi-Fi, but the firmware update fails 
  • Your module is online, but you are unable to enter the live stream
  • Birds are regularly visiting, and the Bird Buddy is “taking postcards” but not sending any postcards

What's the Problem?

There's a little hiccup with a particular feature in the Wi-Fi service. Although we're working hard to fix it, the main cause of the issue is from another company named Plume. We are in touch with them, and the more people report to them, the quicker they'll fix it.

How Do I Fix It?

  1. On your phone or tablet, open the app that controls your Wi-Fi. This app is likely called HomePass but could also have another name given by your internet company (Known companies that use mobile apps developed by Plume are: Cogeco, GCI, Fidium, and others.)

  2. In this app, find a section called GUARD Menu. If it's not right in front of you, you might have to search a bit. Try to locate the menu button (usually a hamburger icon ☰)


  1. Once there, look for a setting named Privacy Mode and turn it on or enable it and click Done (save the change).


Once the setting has been changed, re-pair your device by following these steps

  1. Open the Settings section of the app and open your feeder’s settings by clicking on its name.
  2. Scroll down and click “Remove feeder” and confirm your decision on the confirmation pop-up.
  3. Remove the camera module from the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone (first, check if it has already appeared there as BUDDY; in case it's not listed there yet, you can skip this step.)
    → Tips for Android users→ Tips for iOS users
  4. Perform a factory reset by pressing and holding the button on your device. Follow the on-screen instructions in the app or this guide on how to perform a factory reset
  5. Return back to the app and confirm feeder removal by tapping “All done”
  6. Wait for the blinking blue light.
  7. Now you can begin the pairing process once again from the beginning. Within the Bird Buddy app go to Settings, click on Add a Bird Buddy, and follow the steps.

Once you do so, the live stream should be working. 


Still Having Trouble?

If turning on "Privacy Mode" doesn't help, don't worry! Reach out to our support team, and we'll guide you further. Please let us know as much about your network as you can (ISP, router brand/model, firewalls, VPN services) and we will do our best to assist.

A Bit More Information:

The issue might be affecting users who have a newer model of Wi-Fi devices. Also, if you're using an app to control your Wi-Fi that's not named "HomePass", the steps above should still help. Some of these other apps might be named "Quantum Fiber 360 Wi-Fi", "AK-Fi Home from GCI", "WorkPass by Plume", depending on your internet service provider. Just look for the GUARD Menu if you use one of these apps:

  1. HomePass by Plume®
  2. Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi
  3. AK•FI Home from GCI
  4. WorkPass by Plume
  5. Fidium Attune@Work™ WiFi
  6. WiFi Your Way™ Home
  7. Liberty WoW-Fi
  8. Fidium Attune™ WiFi
  9. WiFi Your Way™ for Business
  10. Cogeco WiFi
  11. TIGO wifi+
  12. Liberty Business WOWfi
  13. Midco Wi-Fi

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