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Nature Intelligence

Nature Intelligence is an advanced AI layer that helps you understand and take care of the nature surrounding your home, powered by the Bird Buddy devices in your yard.

For now, four new features are available, learn more about them in this article:

  • Bird Care
  • Pet Alert
  • Name that Bird
  • Extended species recognition

    To find Nature Intelligence, navigate to the Advanced Experience section in the Settings menu of your Bird Buddy app. Here’s how you can enable it:
  1. Open the Bird Buddy App: Make sure you are logged into your Bird Buddy Pro account.
  2. Go to Settings: Tap on the Settings icon on the bottom navigation bar
  3. Look for the Advanced Experience section: Within the Settings menu, look for the Advanced Experience section and select the “Nature intelligence” option.
  4. Nature Intelligence Availability: If you are a Pro user, you can enable Pet Alert and Sick Bird. Name that Bird is toggled on automatically for all Pro users and the Extended species recognition is available to all Bird Buddy app users.

Name that Bird

Recognize a returning bird visitor? With Pro, you can give it a dedicated name, receive notifications whenever it stops by, create a dedicated album for beautiful snapshots, and form a meaningful bond.

  1. Open Home: Navigate to your Home screen () in the Bird Buddy app.

  2. Start naming Birds: Select "Name this bird" under the postcard or tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner to start naming your Bird Buddy visitors.

  3. Get alerts about your favorite visitors: Get notified whenever they stop by.

    Keep in mind:

  • This is a beta feature that will keep expanding and improving as the AI model learns.

  • Only newly received photos will be used for identifying and naming birds. You can’t name a bird from older photos in your Collection.

  • The AI model needs at least 3 photos of a bird from different angles to identify it.

  • You can't name the bird if there is more than one species in the postcard and/or if there are less than 3 photos in the session.

  • This feature is currently exclusive to users with a Pro subscription.


    If you would like to compare the current photo to those from the bird's previous visits, press and hold the images below it to enlarge them.


Bird Care
Report and get alerts about avian diseases or injured birds in your area, and take preventive measures to keep your birds safe with the help of our expert tips.

  1. Enable the feature: Toggle the feature on in the Nature Intelligence section
  2. Get alerted: Receive notifications when a sick or injured bird is detected and access the photos in your Home screen.
  3. Sensitive Content: Photos of sick birds are blurred by default, but you can choose to reveal them by tapping “See photos”.
  4. Confirm Recognition: After revealing the photo, you can confirm or reject the recognition. This step is optional but helps us improve the feature
  5. Expert Tips: Take direct meaningful action by helping birds in need with the help of our expert tips. Tap the () icon to access them.
  6. Molting Identification: We also identify molting birds, helping you understand it’s a natural seasonal change, not a cause for alarm.
  7. Did the AI miss a picture of a sick bird? You can report a sick bird on any postacrd even without Pro.


Pet Alert

Ensure a peaceful coexistence of your backyard birds with household or neighborhood pets that might pose a natural threat. Receive alerts when cats are nearby or have access to your feeder. Know when it’s time to move your Bird Buddy to a safer spot to protect your backyard birds.

  1. Enable the feature: Toggle the feature on in the Nature Intelligence section
  2. Predator Alerts: Get notified if a cat is detected near your feeder.
  3. Safety Tips: Receive recommendations on safely positioning your feeder.
  4. Mark Feeder as Safe: When a cat is detected, you’ll be asked to confirm your feeder is placed safely away from pets.



Extended Species Recognition

Detect and identify non-bird wildlife visiting your feeder. Save and share photos of these special encounters to your Collection in their dedicated profile, enhancing your appreciation of the diverse local ecosystem. This feature is available for both Pro and regular app uses.


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