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BB Experiments

The Bird Buddy Experiments is a new app section designed exclusively for our Bird Buddy Pro users. It allows you to get early access to experimental features and upcoming releases. Become a part of the development process by providing valuable feedback and enjoying the latest innovations first.

  1. Open the Bird Buddy App: Ensure you are logged into your Bird Buddy account.
  2. Go to Settings: Tap on the Settings icon in your app.
  3. Select Bird Buddy Experiments: Within the Settings menu, look for the Bird Buddy Experiments section.

Exploring the Features

List of Features

When new experimental features are available, you will see them on a list. 

Currently Available Features

Nature Connected Home

Let the sounds and sights of nature flow seamlessly into your living space with an effortless connection to your home's smart displays and speakers. Connect your Bird Buddy feeder with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices (we do not currently support Eco Spot) for an enhanced experience.

Ask Alexa to connect to your Bird Buddy to explore the currently available features:

  1. See the latest postcards (say “Alexa, show my latest postcard!”)
  2. Receive daily recaps of your visits (say “Alexa, Give me the daily recap”)
  3. Initiate live stream (coming soon)

Here are the instructions for integrating Bird Buddy with Alexa:

  1. Open Alexa Skill Store: Start by navigating to the Alexa Skill Store on your Alexa account (not in the Bird Buddy app).
  2. Search for Bird Buddy: In the Skill Store, search for the Bird Buddy skill.
  3. Enable the Skill: Enable the Bird Buddy skill on your Alexa account.
  4. Log In: To log in, scan the QR code displayed on your Alexa device using your phone.
  5. Pro Users Only: Please note that this feature is available exclusively for Pro users.

Automatic Feature Enable: In the Bird Buddy app, the Alexa integration feature will be automatically enabled for Pro users. However, nothing will happen unless you start the integration process from Alexa.


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