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Taking photos of your feathery visitors is one of Bird Buddy's main functions. You can access the Bird Buddy camera either directly from the visitor notification on your phone, or by tapping the camera icon on the bottom toolbar (camera.png) in the Bird Buddy app. Your feeder may need a few moments to establish a connection.

To take a photo, simply tap the circle button in camera mode. 

As you take photos, they get stacked above your camera button, as you can see in the video below:


Your photo-taking session can go on for as long as you want. Once you’re ready to move on, you enter the collection flow, by clicking "Collect". You can read more about Collections and the collecting flow here

It is at this point that the Bird Buddy AI will identify your visitor. You can read more about the AI identification process here.


Abandoned camera mode session

If you exit camera mode in the middle of the session, or your phone dies while you’re taking photos, a draft of your session is saved for you. You can resume the session when you return to camera mode in the app. 


Bird Buddy postcards

If you miss the notification on your phone and you're too late to take photos yourself, you are greeted with a postcard and a selection of photos that have been taken by Bird Buddy automatically in the feed section of the app. 

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