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The Collections section is where your photos of collected birds live within the app. There are a lot of bird species in the Bird Buddy app for you to unlock, learn about, and collect photos of.

Unlocking bird species

A bird species is unlocked in the app once at least one bird of that species visits your Bird Buddy feeder and you collect at least one photo of it through the Bird Buddy app.


Unlocking bird species grants you access to their profiles within the Collections section.

If you haven’t unlocked any bird species yet, no worries - you will receive a postcard when feathery friends visit your Bird Buddy feeder! 


Sorting options

Once you unlock one or more bird species, they appear in your Collections section. 

By default, the birds in your Collections are sorted by date (time of the last visit), with the most recent visitors at the top of the section. This is marked by the clock icon (clock.png) in the top right corner of the section. 

Tapping the bird foot icon (foot.png) next to the clock icon sorts the birds in your Collections by the number of times a species has visited your Bird Buddy feeder, which puts the species with the most visits at the top of the section.


You can switch between the two sorting options at any time. 


Collection flow

We don't want your Collections section to just be a bunch of identical photos. That's why we carefully designed a collection flow that allows you to easily curate and save only the best of the photos you receive via postcards

A simple swiping motion lets you decide which ones are the keepers and which ones you want to discard:

  • If you’d like to keep a photo, swipe right on it. You can also click on the checkmark or the X symbol in order to save or discard the pic. 
  • If you do not want it saved, swipe left.  
  • If you make a mistake and swipe the wrong way by accident, you can always tap on the arrow below the selection gallery to return to previous photos and repeat the selection process. 


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