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Adding guest Feeder Members to your Bird Buddy

Embrace the spirit of sharing with Bird Buddy. With this feature, you can invite family and friends to partake in the joy of your feeder—even if they don’t have a Bird Buddy of their own. They'll receive postcards of your feathered visitors, which they can add to their personal Collection (but they will not have access to your live stream). And don't worry, their interactions, like discarding a postcard, won't impact the postcards in your experience of the app.

You can share your feeder’s postcards with 3 friends as a standard feature. If you're a Pro member, you can share the birdwatching love with up to 10 people, giving more friends a window to nature.

We've introduced a seamless way to welcome friends to your birdwatching circle with just a magic link.

Share your link to invite guests

  • Access Feeder Settings: Launch the Bird Buddy app and tap on the main Settings icon (Settings_icon__1_.png). Select your feeder's name to go to Feeder Settings.

  • Generate Magic Link: Within the Feeder Settings, scroll down to the Manage Members section and tap '+Invite a guest'.

  • Send to Family and Friends: Distribute your magic link using your preferred messaging app (your phone will display all the options). This link is the one-stop ticket for friends to join your feeder.

Claim your access as a guest

  • For Existing Users: If you already have the app, just click on the link sent to you by a feeder owner. It will whisk you away to the app and connect you to the feeder (make sure you're logged into your account).

  • For Newcomers: Clicking the magic link will direct you to a webpage to create your Bird Buddy account. Once you create the account, download the app in the next step, log in with your new credentials, and you're all set.

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