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The fence mount is an optional add-on that allows you to fasten your Bird Buddy on top of a fence. It comes in two separate parts: the base mount with silicone flaps for maximum stability grip and prevention of damage to your fence, and the fastener strap that allows you to secure the base mount onto the fence top.


The fence mount will fit practically any fence, as the length of the fastener strap allows it to be securely wrapped around a fence top of just about any width, height, and depth.  If the railing is smaller, the additional spacers can help the mount to squeeze them tighter and to be more secure.

Please note that the fence mount is not included in your Bird Buddy order unless you purchased it separately.

Until further notice this product is discountioned. 



Installation and mounting instructions

  1. Place the fence mount on top of the silicone straps. 
  2. Insert the strap with the velcro facing up through the bottom hole. Loop the end through the buckle, and then feedback around in the opposite direction through the top hole in the silicone mount.
  3. Now tighten the strap down over the railing. You can place the silicone spacers on the bottom of the mount for smaller rails.
  4. Slot the Bird Buddy onto the fence mount. 


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