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For the optimal bird-watching experience, we recommend you set up your Bird Buddy in a place where your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough, so you never miss a visitor! When you unbox your new Bird Buddy, it's super important that you find a good spot for it, which is something we recommend doing before you try and run the test. Only then can you accurately determine your Wi-Fi strength.

When you set up your Bird Buddy for the first time, the app will automatically ask you to check the strength of your signal. Apart from never missing a visitor, testing the Wi-Fi signal strength is vital to ensure proper functioning, longer battery life, and better video quality.


  1. After you’ve selected your home Wi-Fi from all the available networks, the app will ask you to check the strength of the signal. This may take a few seconds.
  2. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, you can still proceed, but you might miss your notifications! 
  3. We recommend you walk around a bit and try to find a spot where the Wi-Fi signal is the strongest. Once you’ve found it, the app will show you a full green bar. That's the best spot for your Bird Buddy!


Select “Next” and enter your Wi-Fi password.


You’re good to go! Now you’ll never miss a notification from your visitors!


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