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Renaming your Bird Buddy feeder

As your Bird Buddy network grows, it’s really useful to set your feeder’s name to something unique and easily recognizable! 

The first time you name your own Bird Buddy is during the pairing process. But we completely understand if you put in the first thing you could think of, just to hurry up and get to using your Bird Buddy. Perhaps that’s the reason you’d like to change it now. Whatever the reason, no worries; you can still easily rename any of your own feeders within the app! 

Please note that you cannot rename the Bird Buddies you don't own, namely the feeders you added through an invite code

  1. In settings, select the feeder you’d like to rename from the list by tapping on it. Doing so opens that feeder’s settings.
  2. In the feeder settings, tap on the pencil icon () beside the feeder’s name.
  3. In the “Feeder name” field, enter the new name. No profanities here, please! 
  4. Tap “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

And you’re all set! 


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