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There are a couple of potential reasons for receiving this error when using a third-party service (Google, Facebook, or Apple) to sign in to your Bird Buddy app:

  • You might experience sign-in blocking if you tried to sign in a couple of times in a row. Please wait and try again a bit later.
  • You might experience sign-in blocking if the device or location you’re using is new. Please try again from a device or location you normally use.
  • Perhaps you downloaded an older version of the app and never updated it. Go to your app store and make sure you are using the latest version.
  • We could be experiencing some server issues on our end. Please wait and try again a bit later.
  • The third-party service could be experiencing server issues. Please wait and try again a bit later.
  • The app registered the same email address being used with a Bird Buddy account already. We can easily link this alternative sign-in option to your account, so that you can use both in the future. If this is something you’d like just click ‘Yes, sounds great’ and you are all set.  If you are not interested in linking an additional third-party service sign-in method to your account then  please click ‘No thanks, send me back’. You will be taken back to the initial sign-in screen. 

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