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Notification settings

We want your Bird Buddy experience to be tailored to your preferences. It’s understandable that you’d want to receive fewer notifications sometimes, or that you need to turn them off entirely during a meeting or an episode of your favorite TV show. You can tailor your own settings from within the app!

Navigate to the main settings by tapping the (Settings_icon__1_.png) icon and select "Application Settings" under the Advanced Settings section. Then tap on "Notifications".

The Notifications settings in your Bird Buddy app allow you to personalize how you receive alerts about activity from your feeder. Here's what each setting does:


Smart push notifications (default option): This setting refines the notifications you receive to highlight the most noteworthy events at your feeder. With this feature activated, you will receive immediate push notifications for postcards of rare or unique birds—specifically those that have visited your feeder less than twice in the past week. This ensures you are promptly alerted to these special sightings. For all other regular bird visits, you will receive a daily recap notification summarizing the day's activities. This system is designed to keep you informed of the most exciting moments without overwhelming you with alerts.

All push notifications: By enabling this option, you will receive notifications for all postcards. Every new postcard created and every opportunity to view a live stream will be notified to you, so you can experience each visit as it happens.

Pause Notification: This feature gives you control over when you receive notifications. You can pause notifications for a set period if you need a break. Once the time expires, you'll start receiving notifications again without having to remember to turn them back on, or you can turn them back on whenever you want.

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