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Removing a feeder from your account

Do you want to:

  1. Allow a new owner to use a Bird Buddy that is currently connected to your account?
  2. Connect to a different wi-fi netwrok or keep using Bird Buddy after your current wi-fi password has been changed?
  3. Change the location of the feeder and therefore have to re-do the entire pairing process?
  4. Repair your Bird Buddy after an unsuccessful firmware update?

In all those cases, removing Bird Buddy from your account will be necessary. No worries, though: this will not delete any of your photos or already collected birds from your Collections (that would only happen if you deleted your account).  

You can remove the feeder from your account by following these steps:

  1. Simply open your Settings (Screenshot_1.png) and open your feeder's settings by clicking on its name. 
  2. Scroll down and click “Remove feeder” and confirm your decision on the confirmation pop-up (or click “No thanks” if you’ve changed your mind).
  3. Open your mobile device settings and manually remove Bird Buddy from your list of connected Bluetooth devices. 
    → Tips for Android users
    → Tips for iOS users
  4. Restore the device to factory settings.

    Press and hold the button on your device. You’ll first see a solid red light, which will then start blinking. Keep holding the button until you see a solid red light again. When you do, release the button. Please note that if you keep holding the button after the solid red light appears, the factory reset may fail.


  5.  Return back to the app and confirm feeder removal by tapping “All done”.

6. Wait for the blue blinking light on the camera module after the reset.

7. Open the app, navigate to Settings, and click on “Add a Bird Buddy”. Now you can begin the pairing process once again from the beginning. 


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