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Metal Hanger

We've made a significant adjustment to our hanging mechanism, trading the previous nylon and silicone cord slide for a more resilient stainless steel bent wire hanger. This upgrade considerably bolsters the stability of your Bird Buddy feeder, and it discourages those cheeky critters that fancy nibbling on rope.

Here are the quick steps to set up your new metal hanger:

  1. Orientation: First, identify the front and back of the hanger.

  2. Guide the rear part of the wire into the back of the feeder's roof. If you're using the solar roof as well, no worries; the wire and charging cord will fit together snugly.

  3. Gently slide the front portion of the wire under the front part of the roof. 

Your Bird Buddy feeder is now ready to hang out! Be it a shepherd's hook, a sturdy branch, or any reliable support, this practical new hanger ensures your Bird Buddy feeder remains securely in place while being accessible to your feathered friends.

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