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Universal pole mount

The universal pole mount is included in every order. It fits any birdhouse pole with a 0.97"/2.5 cm inner diameter and will also serve as the attachment piece for our wall mount and perch extender.

Please note that the pole itself is not included in the order.




Installation and mounting instructions

The universal pole mount is easily installed onto the bottom of your Bird Buddy feeder with four screws, which are also included in the order. You will also need a Philips head screwdriver (not included).

The screws used are 316 Stainless Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws, M4 x 0.5mm Fine Thread, 6.5-8 mm Long.


  1. Place Bird Buddy on its back and attach the universal pole mount to it by tightening the four screws into the designated openings with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  2. Place Bird Buddy onto a 1"/ 2.5cm pole and adjust its position until securely mounted.

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