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Bird Buddy Pro Subscription

If you're thinking about diving deeper into the Bird Buddy world with our Pro Subscription or just have a couple of questions about it, you're in the right place!

What's Inside the Bird Buddy Pro Experience?

While the core app experience is free for all owners and guests, our Pro Subscription unlocks special customizations designed to elevate your birding experience with the following features:

For an in-depth exploration of these features and more, check out the detailed insights on our Bird Buddy Pro Features Page linked here.

Ready to Fly with Pro?

Platforms Supported: The subscription is available for both iOS and Android users. You can subscribe via the App Store or Google Play. 

Please note: You can now also purchase a PRO subscription directly from our web store. If your email address in the web store is different from the one you use for your Bird Buddy account or if the Bird Buddy is a gift, please contact our support team and they can grant the PRO subscription to the correct account.

Joining the Pro Flock through the App:

  1. Make sure you updated your app to the latest version
  2. Open up your Bird Buddy app and go to  Settings.

  3. Tap on the "Bird Buddy Pro" button and select  "Start your subscription" on the next screen.

Curious About the Free Trial?

We understand wanting to test the waters before diving in! Here's how our trial works:

  • Trial Time: Some of our subscription options include a free trial period. Please note that the availability of free trials may vary depending on our ongoing promotions and the chosen subscription package.

  • Billing Details: If you love Pro and decide to take advantage of its features, you'll see a charge in your app store after your free trial period ends.

  • Thinking of ending the trial early? Make sure you cancel before the trial ends to avoid any charges, but you will still be able to enjoy the perks until the end of the trial.


If you run into any issues during purchasing your subscription, check out our troubleshooting guide.

Need to Cancel? Here's How:

  1. Inside the Bird Buddy App: Head over to Settings > Bird Buddy Pro > Cancel now. Follow the steps in the app, and you're good to go.


  2. Outside the App: You'll need to venture into your App Store or Google Play subscription settings to cancel. 

And remember, even if you cancel your Pro membership, you can still enjoy all the premium perks until the end of your current subscription period.

For example, if you cancel during the free trial, you will not get charged at all and you will still enjoy all the perks until the end of the subscription period.

You can also cancel anytime after the free trial period and the subscription will not be renewed after the period (month or year), but the perks will still be in effect for the duration of the originally selected plan.

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