Bird Buddy module seems unresponsive and isn't charging

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If your Bird Buddy module seems like it's not charging at all (with no visible LED lights despite pressing the button on the module):

  • Please make sure the charging cable that was included in your Bird Buddy order works. You can test this by charging another device with the Bird Buddy cable. Please do not use any third-party cables to charge Bird Buddy.

  • We've noticed that with some Bird Buddy modules, the LED lights are defunct, but the device is actually charging. A good way to diagnose this issue is to keep the device charging for a full day and attempt to power cycle after that time has elapsed.
    • If a green light blinks for 1-2 seconds, that means the device is turned on.
    • To check if the device is online, close the app completely and open it up again, or simply swipe down on the Settings screen: this will refresh the battery state reported in the app. 


If this doesn't solve the issue, our support team will need to look into it more closely. Please reach out to us via our ticket submission form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please include the serial number of your device (you can locate it at the back of the module, just below the QR code) in your form. If you can, please first charge the device for at least 4 hours, then send us a video of you unplugging it and trying to press the button (short and long presses). This will help confirm if the device is defective and work on sending you a new one. 

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