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Deep sleep mode

Deep sleep mode is a battery-saving feature that puts the Bird Buddy module into a very low power state overnight. During deep sleep mode, Bird Buddy will no longer take postcards or be able to stream, which should just about double its battery life.

This feature is available on all devices updated to firmware version 1.1.0. Please note that if your app version is below 1.6.2, your device will show as “Offline” during deep sleep mode; you can update your app to the latest version through your mobile app store.

Deep sleep mode is turned on automatically 1 hour after sunset and turned off 1 hour before sunrise, based on the feeder location you selected during the pairing process.

You can check if your device is in deep sleep mode by navigating to the Settings page. The status of your device appears as “Sleeping”, when this feature is active. Just before sunrise, you should see your device status change to "Ready for birds". Make sure to either kill the app and re-open it or swipe down on the screen to refresh it to the latest status. 




Please note that if your feeder goes into deep sleep mode during the day unexpectedly, you might have selected the wrong location during the pairing process and may need to remove and re-pair the feeder. The best way to ensure correct location selection is to accept the automatically offered location during the pairing process.

If your feeder appears to be sleeping when it shouldn't, it's most likely that the camera lost connection while in deep sleep mode. This is how you can get your Bird Buddy up and running again.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, or you would like to double-check your location with us, please contact the support team by submitting a ticket here.  


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