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Battery life and charging the camera module

The Bird Buddy camera module is powered by a 3800 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

The module that also houses the battery is fully detachable, so you can easily charge it with the USB-C to USB-C cable included in every order. You can always check the status of your battery, no matter where you are, right from the Bird Buddy app (in the Settings). 

The time to fully charge the camera module will depend on how you charge it. Charging via an outlet adapter will be faster than charging it via a computer port. It takes about 2-4 hours for the module to be fully charged if you use a wall adapter (you should see a faint red blinking light that indicates it's charging). Once the module is fully charged, you should see a faint solid green light on the module. If this is your first time charging Bird Buddy, it might enter pairing mode automatically so you will see a blue blinking light.

Our battery has overcharge protection, which means that when it reaches 100% charge, it will stop charging for a little while until it reaches 93-97%, then start charging again. The most recent battery state is sometimes not immediately visible in the app, try refreshing the main settings page (by swiping down on the screen) to get the most recent reading from the server.

Effects on battery life

The battery currently lasts between 5-15 days on a full charge (depending on whether you use the solar roof). Many factors can affect the battery's performance, though:

  • With lower temperatures, the battery will be drained faster. Low temperatures can affect battery life and performance. The camera module should not be exposed to temperatures below -20°C/-4°F, so please make sure to store it inside under such extreme conditions.
  • The number of bird visitors your Bird Buddy gets and the number of postcards it makes.
  • How often you enter the stream.
  • If you are using our solar roof add-on, it will greatly improve your battery life as it provides a continuous charge during daylight. You can check here to see whether your solar roof is set up for optimal charging conditions. 
  • We are continuously improving battery life with our firmware updates and adding battery-saving features, such as the deep sleep function.

Charging options

There are two ways to make sure that Bird Buddy is always ready to send you new postcards of your feathered backyard visitors:

  • The USB-C to USB-C cable (included in current orders: please note that wall adaptors are not included in your order)
  • Solar roof add-on

Charging Bird Buddy with a USB-C cable

You can charge your Bird Buddy with the USB-C to USB-C cable included in every new order.

Simply detach the camera module from the feeder and take it inside to charge it. It’s as easy as charging your smartphone! Find the instructional video:

For continuous charging outside, you could run an extension cord to a power adapter that the USB C cable is plugged into. However,  you should only do this if your Bird Buddy is located in an appropriate setting (such as a balcony or roofed terrace).  Otherwise, such a setup could pose a big safety concern. We recommend that the camera module is always taken inside for charging.

Charging Bird Buddy with the solar roof add-on

If you purchased the solar roof add-on, it will aid in making sure your Bird Buddy receives a continuous charge during daylight. With the solar roof attached, you will greatly prolong the battery life. You can find information on how to install and utilize the solar roof in our Solar roof article. 

Charging tips

Bird Buddy is made to withstand the outdoors, but it is up to the users to keep it in its optimal condition. Since we want you to get the most out of your Bird Buddy, we want to share some tips on how to keep it that way. It’s important to know that ambient moisture and temperature changes can affect your Bird Buddy’s health. The messy eating habits of your feathery and furry visitors can also impact it. Keeping your feeder clean and your battery health in tip-top shape helps keep electronic waste out of the environment and enables you to have more fun with your postcards.

We came up with some tips to help you keep your Bird Buddy healthier for longer. Before you charge your Bird Buddy, do the following:

  • Clean the charging port: check the port for any dirt or debris. Be mindful of any bird food that might be stuck deep inside.
  • Inspect the port: please ensure that the central plastic “tongue” is undamaged and clean.
  • Be gentle: plug the charging cable in gently without forcing it in. It should click into place easily. 

Following these tips and charging your Bird Buddy responsibly will help keep the battery working as intended for longer and give you the best Bird Buddy experience.

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