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Taking adorable pictures of feathery visitors is a super fun activity on its own but what can make the experience even better is spreading the joy with your family, friends, and followers on social media. 

In the photo selection flow you will be able to choose which photos you want to keep private and which ones you want to share.

Sharing photos with the Bird Buddy community

Once you are done taking pictures you have to select which ones you'd like to share with the community in the picture-taking flow. After you're done selecting the photos to share (or not to share), the pictures are stored in your Collections.


Sharing photos on social media

Sharing is caring, and it's also easy-peasy! Once you save a photograph to your Collections you can immediately share it with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by clicking on the Share button and selecting your preferred social media platform. You can also share other user's community photos, but they will always be credited in the description.


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