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Downloading Photos and Videos to Your Phone

Even though the pictures and videos you collect from your Inbox are stored within the Collection in the app, and you can share them directly via permalinks with all your family and friends, you also have the option to save them directly to your phone's gallery. This allows you to always have your favorites handy and to share them directly on social media platforms (such as in stories) or anywhere else you'd like.

Here are the ways to save photos:

From the Inbox

Simply click on any image you like to enter full-screen mode and click the download button on the left.
                                               Screen_Recording_20240423_200649_Bird Buddy (1).gif

From the Bird Gallery in the Collection


If the image is already in a bird gallery within the Collection, open the image from the grid view and click the three dots menu in the top right corner, then select "Download".
                                              Screen_Recording_20240423_200815_Bird Buddy (1).gif

During the Live Feature Use

When using the Live feature to create postcards, simply click on the photo preview to enter fullscreen mode, where you can immediately download the image by tapping () before it undergoes recognition and returns to your inbox.

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