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My Bird Buddy order is damaged or incomplete

Missing add-ons

If your order includes add-ons that have not been shipped yet, or if you ordered any add-ons separately from your Bird Buddy feeder, no worries - the add-ons will be sent to you at a later date.
Unfortunately, we were forced to partially fulfill a number of orders due to a lack of stock. Keep in mind that this might include the solar roof add-on if you ordered a bundled product (Bird Buddy with solar roof) - instead of being pre-installed, the solar roof will ship separately.

The expected shipping timeframe for the missing add-ons is Spring 2023. You will be notified ahead of time about these items being dispatched, and receive a tracking number as soon as they are shipped from our distribution center. 


My order arrived damaged

Please refer to our refund & warranty policy to check if your order is considered damaged. If you believe it falls under a damaged product, contact us via the submission form (select “Warranty claims” under “let us know how we can help you”). Make sure to include a written description and clear photos of the damage. We will process your claim and let you know if and when you can expect a replacement unit. 

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