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3-in-1 Nutrition Set

What are the benefits of our new 3-in-1 Nutrition Set?

  • The water fountain in the Nutrition Set offers birds the opportunity to clean and hydrate themselves, easily mounts to the tray for stability and security, and has a translucent bottle for monitoring liquid levels with minimal spills.
  • The fruit spike offers a versatile way to provide different shaped and sized fruits to birds, easily mounts to the tray with magnetic twist, and has rust-proof stainless steel fruit prongs without sharp edges for safe handling.
  • The jelly tray offers a spacious circular surface for serving jelly, jam, or large nuts to a variety of bird species, is effortless to clean, and can be easily mounted to the Bird Buddy via its mounting point on the perch.

All existing customers who pre-ordered the Water Fountain will be upgraded to this new and improved 3-in-1 Nutrition Set for free, without any additional cost. 

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