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Cleaning and maintaining your Bird Buddy feeder

Beyond just keeping it in tip-top condition, cleaning your feeder is also the most effective and most important step towards preventing the spread of avian diseases. 

Cleaning your Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy is designed with the safety and comfort of our feathered friends in mind and is incredibly easy to clean. 

The dirt-resistant material ensures that you can wipe off any grime that has built up on the feeder by using a wet cloth or a sponge, while the drainage holes at the bottom of the feeder make it possible for you to flush it through with a jet of water. You can give the inside of the seed container an extra scrub by using a bottle brush. If you purchased the solar roof add-on, it is best cleaned by spraying it with water and leaving it to dry.

Please note that the camera module should always be removed if you decide to pressure wash your Bird Buddy. Be careful with the amount of water pressure you apply, because it could scratch or damage the plastics. It's best to disassemble the front and rear windows and perch and then wash in a bucket with a brush and soapy water.

Choosing the right cleaning solution is also important to ensure that your feathery friends stay safe. We recommend staying away from harsh chemicals in combination with scratchy sponges, as that could damage the casing and be dangerous if ingested by the birds. If you wish to use a cleaning solution, any commercially available 10% bleach solution will work fine. Don't forget to rinse the housing with clean water after sanitizing.

Keep in mind that moisture can lead to the development of mold, which can make the seeds dangerous to ingest by your feathery visitors, so make sure you dry off your Bird Buddy thoroughly before placing it back on its perch.

For more thorough cleaning, Bird Buddy can also be disassembled completely.


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