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Preventing diseases from spreading

We want to make sure that our feathered friends are happy and healthy at all times. Unfortunately, diseases can spread quickly between your local bird population, and the best way to prevent it is to keep your Bird Buddy clean. There’s no need to stress about a regular cleaning schedule; we’ve done that for you. The Bird Buddy app will send you a notification whenever it’s time to clean your feeder. To read more about how to clean and maintain your Bird Buddy, click here.

Nonetheless, here are some general tips to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy:

  • Cleanliness is key. Keep your Bird Buddy and the area around it clean of droppings and discarded food.
  • Make sure there are no deep scratches on your Bird Buddy. We’ve taken this into consideration in the development and we’ve made our feeder with no sharp edges that could be dangerous to birds. The Bird Buddy can also take a pretty harsh beating and scratches shouldn’t be a concern, but better safe than sorry! You can read more about the Bird Buddy durability here
  • Birds aren’t eating the food fast enough? Keep your eyes (and nose) peeled for any food that might smell or look funky and replace it immediately. This will prevent any fungus or mold from growing and harming your visitors. 

Most importantly, be vigilant. Follow your local news for any information about a potential spread of disease in your area.  If you notice any sick birds around your feeder, you can take it down and give it an extra scrub. Depending on the severity of the disease in your area, you may also want to keep your Bird Buddy tucked away inside until the area is declared safe again. While you may miss your feathered friends, it’s more important to keep the bird population around you happy and healthy, so you can enjoy them in all their beauty.

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