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The Bird Buddy camera module is powered by a 3800 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

The module that also houses the battery is fully detachable, so you can easily charge it with the USB-C cable that is included in every order. You can always check the status of your battery no matter where you are, right from the Bird Buddy app. 


Effects on battery life

Many factors can affect the expected lifetime of your battery:

  • How frequently are you checking in on your Bird Buddy? The more frequently you use it to stream video and take photos, the more battery you use up.
  • What frequency of notifications do you have set up in your Bird Buddy app? More frequent notifications and activity detection will use your battery up quicker.
  • Is your Bird Buddy outside in extreme weather conditions? If your feeder is outside during inoperable temperatures, it goes dormant to prevent potential damage to the battery. 
  • If you are using our solar roof add-on, it will greatly improve your battery life as it provides a continuous charge during daylight. You can check here to see whether your solar roof is set up for the optimal charging conditions. 


Charging options

There are three ways to make sure that Bird Buddy is always ready to go, and that you never lose sight of your feathered backyard visitors:


Charging Bird Buddy with a USB-C cable

You can charge your Bird Buddy with the USB-C cable that is included in every order. Simply detach the camera module from the feeder and take it inside to charge it. It’s as easy as charging your smartphone! Find the instructional video, as well as written instructions below:


  1. Detach the camera module from the feeder
  2. Plug the smaller connector (the USB-C head) into the charging port at the top of the camera module
  3. Plug the larger connector (the USB head) into the charging port of a power adaptor or your computer's USB port. 

Charging Bird Buddy with the solar roof add-on

If you purchased the solar roof add-on, it will aid in making sure your Bird Buddy receives a continuous charge during daylight. With the solar roof attached, you should be provided with the most power you could ever need and greatly reduce the need to charge Bird Buddy additionally. You can find information on how to install and utilize the solar roof in our Solar roof article. 


Using an external power source

If you want to have the stream running constantly, you can plug Bird Buddy into a power source and never lose sight of just what is going on in your backyard.



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