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The camera module

Bird Buddy’s high-resolution camera is the lens into the lives of your feathered friends that captures endless memorable moments. .

 → Turn the module on by pressing the button for 1 second (LED turns solid green for 3 seconds) 🟢 

Press the button for 2 seconds to turn the module off when necessary (until you see a solid red light; after that, you can release the button: keep in mind you'll want your camera to be tuned on most of the time) 🔴

If you're wondering what all the LED lights on the module mean, please check out this article.

Camera specifications and features

The Bird Buddy feeder is equipped with a cutting-edge camera that boasts an array of specifications and features, all tailored to offer a spectacular bird-watching experience right on your device. The recent batches will have firmware version 1.3.3 pre-installed, which contributes to enhancing the device's performance and usability.

  • Resolution: The camera provides a resolution of 5-megapixel for photos and 720p HD for videos, ensuring crystal clear and vibrant images of your visiting bird friends.

  • Motion Detector: With the built-in laser motion detector, the camera screens for the action on the perch and triggers the postcard process.

  • Field of view: The camera covers an expansive 120° field of view

  • Audio: Each camera comes with an in-built microphone that records sound for the videos you receive

Our servers are designed to continuously adjust and optimize the quality of both live streams and postcard sessions. It evaluates the metrics/statistics of each completed live-stream/video session and, depending on the absence or presence of glitches, adjusts the quality up or down for the next session.

Currently, we have three quality levels: low, medium, and high. A device that consistently delivers glitch-free streams will continuously operate at the high-quality level. However, it's worth noting that the actual performance may also depend on the strength and stability of the internet signal at your location.




Installing the camera module

Installing the camera module onto the Bird Buddy feeder is incredibly easy. You can simply slot it into its designated opening on the front.


  1. Place the camera module in its designated slot on the front end of the feeder. Make sure the camera lens is positioned at the bottom of the feeder – the magnet in the housing and the metal part on top of the back side of the camera module will snap in place if assembled correctly.

  2. You may secure the camera additionally (with an M3*8mm security screw and a TORX T9 security wrench); however, this is unnecessary, and these items are no longer included in the order. If you think additional security is needed for your setup, please reach out to our support team.

  3. If you're not using the solar roof, newer orders include white silicone plugs. These plugs are designed to protect the device’s USB port when it's not in use, especially when placed outside. They are efficient in preventing moisture and debris from entering the USB port, thereby ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Bird Buddy camera.


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