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Unable to save the photos from the app to your mobile device

To download and save pictures from your Bird Buddy app to your mobile device, you will have to grant the app permission. You can do this either when you get a pop-up asking for permission and by tapping Allow. If you accidentally denied the app permission, you can easily sort this out in your settings.


For iOS users: 

  1. Go to Settings and tap on the Bird Buddy app.
  2. In the Photos section allow All Photos access.


For Android users:

  1. Go to Settings and then Apps.
  2. Tap on the Bird Buddy app. If you are unable to find it, tap on See all apps and pick it from the menu there.
  3. Tap on Permissions. This will enable you to see if you allowed or denied any permission for the app.
  4. To change the Bird Buddy app permissions, tap Allow in Storage settings.

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