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Factory reset

Before the factory reset, remove the camera module (BUDDY) from the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone (first, check if it has already appeared there; in case it's not listed there yet, you can skip this step.)
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Perform a factory reset by pressing and holding the button on your device. You’ll first see a solid red light, which will then start blinking. Keep holding the button until you see a solid red light again. When you do, release the button. Please note that if you keep holding the button after the solid red light appears, the factory reset may fail.


The module starts to display a solid red LED light for 2 seconds once you hold the button for 2 seconds. After six seconds, the red light will begin to blink. Blinking will continue to speed up for an extra four seconds.

The LED light will remain solid red for an additional two seconds. This indicates that the factory reset is complete and you can release the button.

NOTE: If you release the button while the red light starts blinking, the process of factory reset will not be completed.


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