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Hooray, your Bird Buddy is here! These are the steps you need to take to get your new smart bird feeder up and running:

  1. Before you take Bird Buddy outside, there are some important things you need to do to get everything ready. First, charge the camera module for 2-4 hours using the cable (and adapter if needed) that came in the package or using an outlet adapter (preferred way). There will be a faint red LED light blinking every 8 seconds or so to indicate that it is charging.
    More info on charging
    More LED light guidance

  2. While the camera is charging, download the Bird Buddy: Smart Bird Feeder app from your app store or scan the QR code provided in the box.
    App for Android users
    App for Apple users

  3. Open the app and create your account. You can create a unique account with your email, or you can use a 3rd party login option (Facebook, Google, or Apple ID). Remember how you created your account; the next time you sign in, you'll have to pick the appropriate option (Sign in for unique accounts, Continue with for 3rd party options).
    More info on creating your account

  4. The next and most important step is to pair your camera module with the app on your device via Bluetooth and connect it to the internet (and go through the first firmware update). Once the camera is fully charged (there should be a weak LED green light visible below the button), click on "Add a Bird Buddy" in the app to start the pairing process. Please note that pairing is done through the app and not directly through Bluetooth settings on your device. The app will instruct you to turn on the module by pressing the button for 1 second.

  5. Wait a few seconds for a faint blue-blinking LED light, which indicates the feeder has entered pairing mode (please unplug the module so you can see the blue LED light instead of the charging indicator).

  6. The app will guide you through all the steps, but a step-by-step guide is also available:
    The pairing process guide
    Troubleshooting the pairing process

  7. Once the camera module is paired and updated, you can place the camera into the feeder and mount your Bird Buddy outside (the app will help you find a spot with a good internet signal). Assembly tips can be found in the "How to Assemble a Bird Buddy" button in the settings section of the app.
    Bird Buddy Assembly Tips 

  8. For tips on navigating the Bird Buddy app and using it in tandem with your new smart bird feeder, please check out the linked resources.
    How to Navigate the App
    App features

By following these steps, you'll be able to set up and start using your Bird Buddy to enjoy the wonders of birdwatching in no time! If you run into any issues, you can explore our troubleshooting guide, or you can contact our friendly support team.

Troubleshooting guide

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