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Navigating the App

Welcome to the Bird Buddy app! 📸🐦

Soon, the Bird Buddy app will become your first-row seat to nature. One of its most exciting features is postcards: they contain videos and photos of birds that visit your Bird Buddy. Postcards are either created automatically or you can create them yourself!

You can navigate through the main sections of the app by clicking on the navigation bar with icons at the bottom of the screen.

 If you use your phone's "back button" (which is just a swiping gesture on some phones), it will take you to the previous screen in the app.

Main App Sections

In this introductory article, you can read some general information on all main sections of the Bird Buddy app, which are located in the bottom navigation bar.

  1. The Inbox
  2. Collection
  3. Live
  4. Birdbuddy TV
  5. Settings

More Help

For more details on features and instructions for specific actions within the app, explore the articles here:

👉Main App Features Guides

Please Note: In our efforts to streamline the app and make room for new features, we have discontinued the Editors' Choice/Community Tab and the Wing Buddy feature. This change helps reduce clutter in the navigation bar and simplifies the overall user experience

The Explore feature is now located under Settings.

⚠️ Are you stuck or have you noticed a bug in the app? Please report it to our support team.


The Inbox 

When you or the camera module snaps a bird visit, you’ll receive a postcard in your Inbox. In the Bird Buddy app, simply click on the mailbox icon () on the bottom navigation bar to get to your Inbox.



Each postcard displays the bird(s) visiting your feeder, complete with all the images and, if available, videos from that session. To view all the footage within the same postcard, tap the white arrow icon on the picture or video or simply swipe.

Both saved and unsaved postcards will disappear from the main Inbox in 7 days, and the collected visits will be waiting for you in your Collection.

Other notifications: Non-postcard-related notifications can be accessed by clicking the bell icon ().

Saving the Photos and Videos to Your Collection

  • If you want to save all the content from a postcard to your Collection, tap on the 'Save All' button located just below the image and all the photos will be saved to their respective collection.
  • When you do, a pop-up will appear asking whether you want to share the postcard with the Bird Buddy community, you can choose 'Share to community' (see privacy note below) to make it public or 'Keep it private' to save it to your own collection only.
  • If you want to save the photo directly to your phone, simply click on the photo to view it in fullscreen and you can immediately download it to your device () or send () a link to it to your family and friends.


Editing and Sharing

  • If you don’t want to keep all of the images from a postcard or correct the species, tap the ‘Edit’ button to select the footage you want to save to the collection. If you are editing a “Mystery” visitor or if the bird was mislabelled tap “More options” on the next screen and you will be able to change the classification.


  • Keep in mind that you cannot edit postcards created with the photos taken with the new Live feature
  • Use the 'Share' button to send or share any photo with friends, family, or other bird enthusiasts through your favorite communication channel. Video sharing is not supported directly through the app for now (you can always download it to your phone and share it, though).

Discarding Postcards

  • To remove the entire postcard from your inbox, use the Discard button in the top right corner. This will delete the postcard for good, but you'll have a brief moment to change your mind and undo it.
  • Keep in mind that both collected and uncollected postcards will disappear from the main Inbox automatically after 7 days. 


The Collections section is where you can view the profiles for each bird species you have unlocked in your postcards. To access the collections section, tap the (Collection_icon__1_.png) icon on the navigation bar.

Once you collect a photo of a bird species for the first time, this will unlock its bird profiles in your Collection. Every profile features interesting facts about the species, you can listen to their song and call and see where they usually live. In the profile, you can access your personal gallery of photos you saved from postcards. 

👉 Learn more about collections, profiles, and galleries here


When you access your live feed from your Bird Buddy feeder you can now take your own photos, which will be sent to you as postcards in your Inbox. To access Live, tap the () icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

👉 Learn more about the Live feature here

Birdbuddy TV

Immerse yourself in a continuous flow of bird videos curated from the shared collections of our passionate community of bird enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned birder or new to the hobby, there's always something new and exciting to discover. To access Bird Buddy TV, tap the () icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

👉 Learn more about the Bird Buddy TV feature here



The settings section lets you access all kinds of aspects of your Bird Buddy experience. To access the settings section, tap the (Settings_icon__1_.png) icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

This is also the new home of the Bird Buddy Explore feature.

The Bird Buddy app is designed to enhance your bird-watching experience with easy navigation and user-friendly settings. 

Below is a breakdown of the various sections and what they offer:

My feeders

  • This section shows the status of your Bird Buddy devices. If your device is online, you'll see the correct battery percentage (offline devices do not send the battery information to the app). The feeder settings are accessed by clicking the tile with the feeder name. Read more about Feeder Settings here.

  • Add a Bird Buddy: Tap here to set up a new Bird Buddy device.

Guest feeders

  • Here you can view and manage your connections to feeders that you've been given access to as a guest. Read more about accepting and sending invitations here.

BB Explore

  • Engage with community feeders in various locations. You can view different live feeds and switch between them to explore bird life around the world. Read more about the Explore feature here.

Enhanced experience

  • Bird Buddy Pro: If you have the Pro version, it will show as 'Active'. Otherwise, you can manage your subscription or activate Pro from here.
  • Ignored Visitors: Customize which birds you want notifications for and which you prefer to not receive in your Inbox (Pro users only).

Advanced settings

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