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Welcome to the Bird Buddy app! Soon this app will become your first-row seat to nature. Its most exciting feature is postcards: they contain videos and photos of birds that visit your Bird Buddy. Our bird-recognizing model then identifies the bird, and the photos and videos are stored in the Collections according to the species. You can navigate through the main sections of the app by clicking on the three-tiled navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. If you use your phone's "back button," it will take you to the previous screen in the app.




Learn more about what you find in the different sections below:

The Feed 

The feed section is where you will find your new postcards (once you collect the photos from it, the postcard will remain there as a tile). To access the feed section, simply open the app and click on the (Feed_icon.png) button on the navigation bar. 

→Learn more about collecting photos and videos from postcards

The feed will also feature the following notifications about your app and device:

  • Prompts to update the firmware
    Learn more about firmware updates here
  • Stay in the loop notification (enabling notifications directly from the feed) 
  • If you turn off notifications for a certain time frame, the feed will remind you when it's about to expire
  • Mystery visitors resolution notification (You can send unrecognized birds into our expert review, and once the results are available, you will be notified on the feed)
  • If your camera module is not placed inside the feeder, you will see a notification on the feed
  • If your Bird Buddy is running low on power, a notification will prompt you to start charging it.
  • If you put your Bird Buddy into the off-gird mode, you will see a notification on the feed
  • When you share your account or accept a share code, the request and confirmation notifications will be visible on the feed


The Collections section is where you can view the profiles for each bird species you have unlocked in your postcards. To access the collections section, click on the (Collection_icon__1_.png) button on the navigation bar. Once you collect a photo of a bird species for the first time, this will unlock its bird profiles in your Collection. Every profile features interesting facts about the species, you can listen to their song and call and see where they usually live. In the profile, you can access your personal gallery of photos you saved from postcards. 

→ Learn more about collections, profiles, and galleries here


The settings section lets you access your account settings, app settings, and bird feeder settings. To access the settings section, click on the (Settings_icon__1_.png) button on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app. From there, you can change your account information, application settings, and bird feeder settings. You can also adjust notification settings and other preferences. Swipe down on the screen to get the latest reading from the servers for the status of the feeder and the current percentage of battery charge.




→Feeder settings
The feeder settings are accessed by clicking on the tile with the feeder name. Read more about feeder settings here.

→Account settings
You can access account settings by clicking on the button with the same name. Here you can change your username and delete your account.

→Application settings

Access them by clicking on the button with the same name. Here you can enable or disable app sounds, enable or disable watermarking your pictures and enable or disable notifications.

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