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Bird Buddy Assembly and Mounting

Now that you've successfully charged your camera module and paired it with your account in the app, it's time to assemble your Bird Buddy in its outdoor setting, but first, you'll have to install the camera module into the housing.

Installing the Camera Module

    1. Place the camera module in its designated slot in the front panel. Make sure the camera lens is positioned at the bottom of the feeder – the magnet on the feeder and the metal part on top of the back side of the camera module will snap in place if assembled correctly.

    2. You may secure it additionally (with an M3*8mm security screw and a TORX T9 security wrench). However, this is not necessary, and these items are no longer included in the order: if you think additional security is needed for your setup, please get in touch with our support team.)

    3. If you're not using the solar roof,  newer orders include white silicone plugs. These plugs are designed to protect the device’s USB port when it's not in use, especially when placed outside. They are efficient in preventing moisture and debris from entering the USB port, thereby ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Bird Buddy camera.

Installing the solar roof

Once the module is safely tucked in the housing, it's time to set up the solar roof. If yours isn't already mounted onto the roof (because you received it in a separate box), first do so and then plug it into the camera module like so:

  1. Align the solar roof add-on with Bird Buddy's roof and press together lightly until you hear a clicking sound which indicates that the solar roof is securely mounted. It can be placed either way but make sure the cable is facing the back of the feeder.
  2. Pull the rear door handle to uncover the small opening at the top and then slide the entire rear window panel out of the main body of your feeder.
  3. Remove the duster from the top of the camera module to uncover the USB-C port and insert the USB-C charging cable which is a part of the solar roof.
  4. Reattach the rear window by sliding the panel back into the grooves and you're all set!

Installing Bird Buddy with mounts

Now it's time to set up Bird Buddy in its new outdoor home. To keep your feathery visitors as safe as possible, we recommend that you mount your Bird Buddy instead of leaving it on a flat surface. Placing your Bird Buddy above ground offers birds extra protection from predators. This also significantly reduces the possibility of attracting visitors such as mice, rats, or ants.

You can mount your Bird Buddy on a pole, a wall, or a fence; the hanging cord that’s included in the order also allows you to hang it from just about anywhere! For more details about the various mounts and installation instructions for your Bird Buddy feeder, check out these articles:

Included mounts:

Purchasable mounts:

Discontinued mounts:

Installing the suet ball holder

If you also have a suet ball holder, the instructions for its assembly are available here.

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