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Connecting Bird Buddy to a different Wi-Fi network

If you're relocating your Bird Buddy or you want to connect it to a new network, you will have to go through Bluetooth pairing and Wi-Fi provisioning again. No worries, though: this will not delete any of your photos or already collected birds from your Collections (that would only happen if you deleted your account, which is stored safely in the cloud when you unpair your phone and module).

For now, you have to complete the following steps to change the network:

  • Open the Settings (Screenshot_1.png) section of the app and open your Feeder Settings by clicking on its name on top of the screen. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click the “Remove feeder” option and confirm your decision on the pop-up (or click “No thanks” if you’ve changed your mind).




If you run into any issues during any step of the way, please refer to our troubleshooting FAQ and guides.

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