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With the introduction of our new Power Modes automation and custom settings, we've taken the postcard creation process and customization to a new level to enrich the Bird Buddy experience, ensuring every user enjoys their unique birdwatching journey to the fullest.

The ultimate goal of the automatic process is to fine-tune your feeder to produce consistent postcards in your environment, and with the mode settings, you can further customize the experience.

Mode Settings

Standard Mode (default mode)
Tailored for regular use for balanced postcard creation and battery use.

Power Saver Mode
Perfect for users wishing to conserve battery life while seeking a more serene birdwatching experience with fewer postcards. This mode is particularly beneficial on days when a consistent group of birds continuously triggers very similar postcard sessions (for instance). 

Frenzy Mode (Pro users only)
An exclusive mode designed for our Pro subscribers who can't get enough of the bird action! Dive into a world where every flutter and chirp gets noticed. If you're receiving fewer than 6 postcards on an average day, your feeder is automatically set to Frenzy Mode at no extra cost!

This mode is designed especially for those who are already receiving a good number of postcards but wish to capture even more. Each device will regularly
calibrate its power modes based on the number of postcards received to optimize your experience.

You can switch between the power mode preferences in your Feeder Settings.


Why did we introduce Power Modes?

  1. User-driven Feedback: We introduced this feature understanding that every user's birdwatching experience is unique. While many of you enjoy constant bird traffic and love getting notifications, some feel they get too many postcards or wish they received more.

  2. Balancing Quality with Battery Life: An increase in bird visits can mean more postcards with very similar shots which will drain the battery faster. With standard mode, we've struck a balance so you get diverse snapshots without sacrificing too much battery life.

  3. Low-traffic Feeders: If you typically receive very few (which can happen due to lower traffic and other factors), 'frenzy mode' will automatically kick in for you, which contributes to creating more postcards in the long run.

  4. For the Enthusiasts: If you’re the kind who can’t get enough of bird updates and already receive at least 8 postcards daily on standard mode but still crave more, then getting a Pro subscription and enabling frenzy mode is the perfect option for you.

Keep in mind

In addition to power mode settings, other factors can influence the number of postcards you receive on a given day (such as bird traffic, lighting, weather, and our AI model's assessment of the produced footage.) For more information about these factors, please check out our article on postcard creation.

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