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Bird profiles

Along with being a whole lot of fun, we want everyone’s experience with Bird Buddy to be educational at the same time. We made sure that you get to learn something new and interesting every time your Bird Buddy is visited by a new bird species.

Each unique species has its own profile for you to look through and have fun with. You unlock a bird’s profile once you receive at least one photo of it through the Bird Buddy app and add it to your Collections

Your Collections screen is also where you can access the profiles of all the bird species you have unlocked so far. To do so, simply tap on any of the birds you have already collected.


Features of the bird profile

Name and icon

Each bird species in Bird Buddy’s database gets its own unique icon to make sure it’s easily identifiable within the app. Just below the icon, you can find out what the bird is called. 



Instead of lengthy academic descriptions of each species, the Bird Buddy team distilled the most prominent characteristics of each one into just a few adjectives. If you tap on each one, you can find out more about them in the speech bubble that pops up.



The bird icon below the cover photo leads you to the gallery of all the photos of that specific bird species. You can find your own postcard photos there, as well as those shared by the Bird Buddy community. Find out more about the gallery here. 


Information Corner

Who doesn’t love fun facts? We made sure that each bird species is introduced to you in a way that makes you discover some of the lesser-known facts about it, whether they are funny, super interesting, or just have that “whoa” factor. 


Number of visits  

You get your own personal visitor counter! You can see just how popular your Bird Buddy feeder is with any specific bird species. Anytime a member of that kind visits you, the counter will be updated.


Favorite food

If you really love a specific species and you want to see more of them at your feeder, this is where you can find out how to make sure they come back for seconds by setting up a feast made up of their favorite foods.



If you happen to miss it live, you can always refer to this section of the bird profile to hear its song and call. Just press the play button in the mini audio player. Who knows, maybe knowing their distinctive sounds will help you spot those particular beauties out in the wild!



With so many wonderful species from all over the globe, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of just where exactly they’re from. You can check the map portion of the profile to see whether a feathered visitor is common in your part of the world or not. You might just discover some interesting migration patterns if it turns out you’ve been visited by a bird from across the world.


Size and weight comparison

This part of the profile lets you know what a specific bird species usually measures in size and weight. To make it all a little less abstract than just plain numbers, though, you can compare those values to fun everyday items. 


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