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Ignored Visitors

Crafting Your 'Ignored Visitors' List: Mute any species!

Have you ever wanted to fine-tune your bird notifications to exclude certain frequent visitors? This Bird Buddy Pro feature now lets you do just that. The ability to tailor your notification preferences is exclusive to feeder owners. Once you have at least one feeder paired to your account, you'll gain access to these custom settings.

If you are a feeder owner and have a Bird Buddy Pro subscription, navigate to the Main Settings section in the app (represented by a gear symbol (Settings_icon__1_.png) on the bottom navigation bar) and find the 'Ignored Visitors' button.

Why don't I see the "Ignored Visitors" button?
Keep in mind that only feeder owners (those who have a camera paired with their account) with Pro will see this button in Settings.

Once you're in, you can craft your list by clicking on the + symbol and finding the bird species in our database:


  • For example, if you choose to ignore postcards from the house sparrow:

    • Any postcard featuring only the house sparrow won't appear in your notifications. It'll be as if it never existed.

    • If a postcard session includes a house sparrow visiting alongside a Northern cardinal, only the photos of the Northern cardinal will be presented to you. Images of the house sparrow will be bypassed. However, the video will still show the entire session.

    • A notable exception is if a single image captures both the house sparrow and Northern cardinal together. In such cases, that picture will be preserved but stored exclusively within the Northern cardinal's gallery.
    • If you want to take the bird off the ignored visitors list, simply click on the trash icon next to the bird species.

Dealing with 'Mystery Visitors'

  • Activating the 'Ignore mystery visitors' setting will automatically discard postcards of unidentified birds. This way, only the most accurate matches reach you.
  • If a postcard session successfully identifies at least one bird but fails to pinpoint others, the unidentified or 'mystery visitors' will still be included in your notifications. This setting targets and discards postcards showing only unknown species.

Sharing Your Preferences with Feeder Members:

By default, your customized settings apply only to your account. However, you can choose to share these settings with other members linked to your feeder(s). Here's how:

    • If enabled, all members of your feeder(s) will also inherit your 'Ignored Visitors' list and ignore mystery visitors (in case you enabled it). So, if you've opted to skip notifications about squirrels, for instance, your fellow members won't receive them either.

    • If you decide against sharing these settings, members will continue receiving notifications as per the standard settings, even if they've been customized on your end.


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