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Bird Buddy Live

With the latest app update (3.0.0 - Horizon Hawk), you can now access a live video feed from your Bird Buddy feeder and take your very own photos. 

📸 Photo Capture:

If you want to check in on your feeder or if you spot a captivating scene, you can now quickly access the stream and take your own photos. With our new photo capture feature you can now take up to 12 photos during each live viewing session.

You will also receive smart notifications that will alert you about significant bird activity a few times per day, so you can then enter the live stream and take photos whenever this happens.

How does it work? Find the Live icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

  1. Tap the “Live” button in the center to access the live stream.

    The stream may take a few seconds to load (but this is offset by the 10-second delay in the live feed).

    For optimal stream loading time, make sure you also update the firmware to version 1.6.3 (released in tandem with the app update). Learn how to update your firmware here.

  2. During the live session, snap up to 12 photos of your feeder visitors with the camera button.


  1. You can choose your favorite snaps by discarding any unwanted photos: just click on the little trash icon on each photo you do not want to keep. When you are happy with your selection, send it over for recognition with our AI model by tapping "Identify". 


  1. Once the AI works its magic, you'll find a new postcard in your Inbox, featuring your very own photos. Usually, the postcard will be sent within 30 minutes (but at peak processing times they could be delayed.)

    💡Cool tip: In case you want to share or save any images immediately (before they return to your Inbox), simply click on the photo to view it in fullscreen and you can immediately download it to your device () or send ( or ) a link to it to your family and friends.


💡Keep in mind:

  • If you own multiple feeders, you can easily switch between their respective live streams by clicking the birdhouse icon () on the top of the screen. You can only access the live stream of your own feeders (guest feeders and explore feeders are currently off-limits).


  • Ensure your Bird Buddy is sufficiently charged for uninterrupted live viewing.
  • For optimal photo quality, take shots when your bird visitors are calm and basking in good lighting.
  • Photos with no birds or those not recognized by the AI will still arrive in your Inbox, but you will not be able to store them in your Collection.
  • The postcards that contain footage made by you will be marked with a “Live Moment” label.

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