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Collections, Profiles, and Galleries


Once you collect any bird species, Squirrels, or Mystery Visitors from your postcards, their profile appears in your Collections. By default, the bird profiles in your Collections are sorted by date (time of the last visit), with the most recent visitors at the top of the section. This is marked by the clock icon (clock.png) in the top right corner of the section. 

Tapping the bird foot icon (foot.png) next to the clock icon sorts the birds in your Collections by the number of times a species has visited your Bird Buddy feeder, which puts the species with the most visits at the top of the section.



Every species of bird in your Collections has its own profile with a lot of interesting information.  

→ Read more about Profiles here


When you open a bird profile, you can see the bird's current cover photo and a green button that leads you to its gallery.



Within the gallery, you can find all of your photos and videos of that particular bird species. In the same gallery, you can also find community photos taken and shared by you and other users (click the Community button on top of the gallery). 


  • Once you open a particular photo or video in the gallery, it will open the photo as a separate tile. You can click on it again to see the full-screen version, which is also zoomable.


  • You can also tap on the info button in the lower left corner, and this will turn the tile around and provide you with additional information about the photo, such as the coarse location, timestamp, and which feeder it came from.

  • You can share any photo with all your family and friends by clicking on the share button in the lower right corner. Videos can be downloaded to your phone and shared from there.

  • By selecting the three dots icon in the upper right corner, there are certain actions you can take for any given photo in your private collections:
     → Make the photo a cover photo
     → Reclassify the bird species
     → Save the photo to your phone
     → Remove the photo

    In the community gallery, you can also:
     → Report the photo


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