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The In-App Pairing Flow

Navigating the App

Below is a guide for the initial pairing process. For a general introduction to the app and its main features and settings, see here.

The Bird Buddy app is the gateway to your feathery friends, making it possible for you to receive photo postcards of your bird visitors. Once you download it and create an account, it will guide you through the crucial first steps that have to be taken in order to make the Bird Buddy experience work. 

If the module is in charging mode (plugged in) that can potentially result in failed pairing attempts. Therefore the module should be disconnected from charging while pairing (but it's still important to ensure it is fully charged before you initiate the pairing process: it takes about 4 hours for the battery to get there).

Before you actually set up your feeder in their new outdoor home, there are three main steps ahead of you:

  1. Pair your mobile device with Bird Buddy’s camera module via Bluetooth in the app. This will take up to 3 minutes. Bluetooth is only needed for the initial pairing and it can be turned off on your phone after you connect the camera to Wi-Fi.

  2. Establish a Wi-Fi connection on your camera module via the app. This process will take about 5-10 minutes

  3. Live stream test: this way you can test the camera and even snap your first shots

    In this article, we provide a step-by-step walkthrough and valuable tips to ensure your Bird Buddy is set up properly.


For a better understanding of the complete pairing process, we recommend viewing our video tutorial or referencing our Quick Start Guide.

If you run into any issues during any step of the way, please refer to our troubleshooting FAQ and guides.

Bluetooth pairing

1. After clicking "Pair via Bluetooth" on the welcome screen when you sign into your account in the app, you have to set the name and location of your feeder.

2. Then you will be asked to enable Bluetooth (iOS & Android) and also your Location Services on some older operation systems (sometimes location will still need to be turned on manually from the toolbar after giving the permission.)


3. When shown the default iOS/Android notification asking whether you want to enable Bluetooth/location on your device, tap “Allow/Allow when using the app.” After the pairing process is completed, you won’t need to turn them on again. 

4.  If the light is blinking blue this means the device is already turned on and ready for Bluetooth pairing. If it is not, press the button for one second to turn it on.


5. Once the device is ready for Bluetooth pairing, you should see a blinking blue LED light on the module, though it's a bit faint (Enclose the area with the light with your hand to see it better.)

6. Once these steps are completed, a loading screen is shown while your device searches for the camera module. 

7. Once the app finds your feeder, your mobile device shows the pop-for the Bluetooth pairing request, make sure to click "Pair". On certain devices, the Bluetooth setup might prompt you to input a pairing code; this is not needed so you can just click "Pair". 

8. Success! You’ve now paired your Bird Buddy’s camera module with your mobile device. You can now turn off Location Services and your Bluetooth (in case you ever have to re-pair the device, make sure to turn them on again).  The Bluetooth connection is only needed for the initial exchange of information, and you can disable Bluetooth on your mobile device once your Bird Buddy is securely connected to your Wi-Fi network.

⚠️ If you run into any issues please refer to our Bluetooth Troubleshooting Guide.

Connecting the camera to your Wi-Fi network

During the second part of the pairing flow, you will have to select your desired Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks. Make sure that the network meets Bird Buddy's connectivity requirements.

1. Make sure your phone is using the same Wi-Fi network that you will connect your camera to

2. Once you select an available network, enter your Wi-Fi password.


3. You’re ready to connect! The process can take up to 5 minutes (do not exit the screen while this takes place). If there is a problem with the connection, you’ll be asked to try again. If issues persist, take a look at the troubleshooting article.

4. Success! Your module is now connected to the internet. 

⚠️ If you run into any issues please refer to our Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide.


Bird Buddy Live Test

After successfully connecting to Wi-Fi, you will have the option to send an invite code to share the postcards your camera makes. Once sharing is completed or skipped, you will be directed to the Bird Buddy Live feature. Here, you can test the live stream even if the camera is not in its housing.

⚠️ If you find that the stream is not loading, please try re-pairing the camera. Additionally, consult this article to see if your network settings might be interfering with the camera's functionality.

That’s it! Your account and module are now connected and Bird Buddy can access the internet in its new home. All you have to do now is wait for that first postcard or make your own. The postcards will wait for you Inbox section of the app so you can collect photos can share them with your family and friends.


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