Issues with establishing a Wi-Fi connection

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If you're having difficulties establishing a Wi-Fi connection with the module, please contact customer support at

If you're using a mesh network, make sure that it's using the WPA2 safety protocol and that you've enabled a 2.4Ghz band with its own SSID as well.

To check if your module is having difficulties communicating with your access point, please try provisioning the Wi-Fi through your mobile hotspot (iPhone users should toggle on the "maximize compatibility" mode).

If you're having trouble connecting with a dual-band router or mesh network, please try connecting your Bird Buddy to your mobile hotspot (if you're using an iPhone, please make sure that the hotspot is set to “maximize compatibility”. ) If you're able to update the firmware through your hotspot, you can then try to re-connect it to your home network because more routers will be able to connect with Bird Buddy after it is running the latest firmware.

PLEASE NOTE: If the module is in charging mode (plugged in) that can potentially result in failed pairing. So the module should be disconnected from charging while pairing at all times (but it's still important to make sure it has enough battery before you initiate the pairing process).


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