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Camera module unable to connect to Wi-Fi

For Bird Buddy to work you’ll first need to pair the camera module with your device and establish a Wi-Fi connection to the internet (the firmware update is necessary for first-time users as well). If this is done correctly you should see a small green light blink three times on the front of the module. 

If you’re having trouble establishing a Wi-Fi connection after successfully pairing your device with Bluetooth, here are some tips to consider:

  1. If the module is in charging mode (plugged in) that can potentially result in failed pairing. 

  2. Make sure your access point (modem and router devices) is working correctly. Check your Wi-Fi by opening an internet browser on your mobile device (iOS / Android) and see if you can access the internet.  

  3. Make sure your phone/tablet is connected to the same network you want to connect the camera to.

  4. Make sure you are connecting to the correct network. Bird Buddy’s camera module requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band and does not work with Wi-Fi @5GHz.

    → How to check the frequency of your Wi-Fi network

  5. It only works with WPA2-protected networks before the firmware update


  6. The Wi-Fi name can't be a hidden network. 

If you're using a dual-band router (supporting both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands) or a mesh network setup, make sure that it's using the WPA2 safety protocol and that you've enabled a separate 2.4 GHz band with its own SSID (network name) as well. If you don't know what kind of router you have or how to create a separate channel, you can also let us know your router brand and model and our support team will help you get online.


To check if your module is having difficulties communicating with your access point, please try provisioning the Wi-Fi through your mobile hotspot (iPhone users should toggle on the "maximize compatibility" mode).

If you're having trouble connecting with a dual-band router or mesh network, please try connecting your Bird Buddy to your mobile hotspot (if you're using an iPhone, please make sure that the hotspot is set to “maximize compatibility”. ) Please update the firmware through your hotspot.

Once you do that, create a separate 2.4 Ghz band in your router settings, if you have a dual-band router.

You can then try to re-connect it to your home network because more double-band routers and mesh networks will be able to connect with Bird Buddy after it is running the latest firmware.

Please note

There is a common issue with routers that use HomePass or similar apps to control privacy settings for your network. Click here to check if you are affected by this and how you can get your camera up and running.

If you're still having difficulties establishing a Wi-Fi connection with the module, please contact customer support through our submission form. Please let us know as much about your network as you can (ISP, router brand/model, firewalls, VPN services) and we will do our best to assist.


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