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For Bird Buddy to work you’ll first need to pair the camera module with your device and establish a Wi-Fi connection to the internet (the firmware update is necessary for first-time users as well). If this is done correctly you should see a small green light blink three times on the front of the module. This indicates that the camera module has been successfully connected to your device and that it has picked up a functioning internet signal.

If you’re having trouble establishing a Wi-Fi connection after successfully pairing your device, check whether you’re connecting Bird Buddy within your home Wi-Fi network range. If you're not in a good spot, you should relocate the setup to an area with better reception. 

Here are some other tips to resolve connectivity issues:

  1. Make sure your access point (modem and router devices) is working correctly. Check your Wi-Fi by opening an internet browser on your mobile device (iOS / Android) and see if you can access the internet.  
  2. Make sure you are connecting to the right band of Wi-Fi. Bird Buddy’s camera module requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band and does not work with Wi-Fi @5GHz. It only works with WPA2-protected networks.

    → How to check the frequency of your Wi-Fi network

    → If you want to change the frequency of your WI-Fi, it's best to reach out to your internet service provider

  3. The Wi-Fi name can't be a hidden network. 
  4. Double-check that you are using the correct Wi-Fi password when pairing the camera module. If you have an open network (no password) you can enter anything to get to the next step.

If the camera module still cannot connect to the internet, please try troubleshooting your Wi-Fi router settings or try contacting your network administrator for help.

PLEASE NOTE: If the module is in charging mode (plugged in) that can potentially result in failed pairing. So the module should be disconnected from charging while pairing at all times (but it's still important to make sure it has enough battery before you initiate the pairing process).

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