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Camera module is already connected

Only one Bird Buddy account can be the owner of a particular module at a time (however, you can log into your account on multiple devices). If you've received this error message, the module you’re trying to connect with might already be connected to an existing Bird Buddy account. If you want to connect the camera module to a different account, you have to first remove it from the previous owner’s account

If you're not the owner of the Bird Buddy module you're trying to pair your mobile device with, contact the person who is and ask them to complete these steps. If you have access to the owner account already, complete the steps from the article yourself. 

PLEASE NOTE: If the module is in charging mode (plugged in) that can potentially result in failed pairing. So the module should be disconnected from charging while pairing at all times (but it's still important to make sure it has enough battery before you initiate the pairing process).


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