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Error codes during the firmware update

Possible error messages during the firmware update

Unspecified error message (error 6)

Error 6: There was an error while trying to update. 

An unspecified error interrupted the firmware update process. Tap “Try again” to retry the update process. 

Please ensure that your module is at least 40% charged (we recommend charging it for at least 2 hours, ideally 4) and unplugged, positioned close to your access point where your Wi-Fi signal is the strongest, and that the feeder is not Sleeping or Offline. You can see the current status of your device as well as the strength of your Wi-Fi signal on the error message screen. Keep in mind that it might take a minute or two for this data to update once you have adjusted the position of your module.

If retrying is unsuccessful as well, please go ahead and use the second option on your screen - Reset and reconnect your feeder.  


Device needs charging (error 17)

Error 17: Battery level is too low. Please plug in your camera module. The update will resume automatically as soon as the battery reaches at least 40% charge.

In order for your Bird Buddy to install the required firmware updates, it needs to be sufficiently charged. It’s extremely important that the battery does not run out during the update itself, as this can cause a serious malfunction and even render your Bird Buddy module useless. The battery needs at least 40% of power in order to start updating. We suggest you charge the module for at least 2 hours before initiating the update to ensure a sufficient charge.


Device is offline (error 24)

Error 24: Your device seems to be offline. Please check your Wi-Fi signal and try again.

Please make sure that your internet access point is fully functional and connected to the internet, and that the feeder is online. Place the Bird Buddy module near the access point, where the signal is the strongest for the duration of the update. Allow for 1-2 minutes for the status of your device and the strength of your signal to be updated on the error message screen after checking your access point and adjusting the position of your module. Then tap “Try again” on your app screen to retry the update. If the error persists, please proceed with the second option on your screen - Reset and reconnect your feeder.  


Device is busy (error 25) 

Error 25: It looks like your device is already busy with something else — either it's making postcards, live-streaming, or performing some other action (such as being in Sleeping mode).

Error 25 can occur if you're trying to go through an update while your camera is in deep sleep mode (so the state in feeder settings in the app is Sleeping.) Please go through with the firmware update once your Bird Buddy wakes up and shows the Ready for birds/Out of feeder state.

If the problem persists, and your device appears busy after at least 10 minutes have elapsed, and without a reasonable expectation for it to be “streaming” or “taking postcards”, please get in touch with our support team by submitting a request here

Firmware update already in progress (error 26)

Error 26: It looks like your device is already in the middle of updating its firmware. We will let you know when it's done, so make sure you have notifications enabled.

It looks like you have already started the firmware update process previously and it is still in progress. Please make sure that you have notifications for the Bird Buddy app enabled both in the app and in your phone settings. This way we will be able to let you know once the update is completed. You will also be notified if a further error has occurred. 


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